Michael Hansen

Senior Advisor, Strategic Partnerships and Engagement

Michael Hansen serves as the Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships and Engagement with MilitaryConnected.org, leveraging a distinguished career that spans military service, corporate leadership, and veteran advocacy. With a history of turning insights into action, Michael is celebrated for his innovative approach to enhancing the transition experience for veterans and military spouses.


A Marine, Michael’s commitment to service didn’t end with his four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. It evolved into a mission to redefine the integration of veterans into America’s business landscape. As the founder of Alpha 13, he has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to leveraging military skills in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors.


Michael’s efforts have not only helped shape policies but have also cultivated environments where veterans thrive as invaluable assets. His work extends beyond the office, with a passion for mentoring that has impacted many in the startup ecosystem.


With an education in International Security and Conflict Resolution at San Diego State University, with further studies at the Institute of World Politics, Michael blends academic insight with real-world experience. His recognition as a thought leader in the veteran community underscores his commitment to building bridges between military service and corporate success.