the military connected talent marketplace

Through referrals, content-driven conversations, and smart-matching technology – we connect your open roles to top military talent.

connecting your open roles with top military talent.

Meet Military Connected: the world’s first talent acquisition platform purpose-built for identifying, engaging, and retaining top military talent.
  • Expand your network of military talent by posting your open roles on the Military Connected platform – a thriving marketplace browsed by veterans, military spouses, and their families.
  • Platform members can search for, refer, and mentor fellow service members, veterans, and loved ones through the career selection process.
  • Incentivize your network to refer military talent to your open roles using a robust & flexible referral system.

One-Click Integrations With All of Your Favorite Tools.

Military Connected seamlessly integrates with over 45+ ATS systems.

WHY MILitary connected?

For Employers: Military Connected makes posting your open roles and finding top military talent effortless – integrating directly with the ATS & HRIS tools you already know and love.

For the Military Community: Military Connected connects you to jobs at military-ready organizations, as well as resources and communities that are invested in your long-term career success – all in one place.

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