About Our Programs

Attract. Support. Engage.

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While our members who enter the civilian workforce have little trouble finding jobs, their challenge is finding employment they find meaningful, reflects their skills and abilities, and leads to lasting careers. Our programs help them and their future employers. 

About our programs

We believe readiness is the key to solving underemployment and turnover. We solve these challenges through employer education, data-driven research, and talent engagement. 

Talent Engagement

More than a traditional job board, MILCON is the world’s only crowdsourced recruitment and talent engagement platform purpose-built for the military-connected community through referrals, content-driven conversations, and smart-matching technology.

Data-Driven Research

Our Data and Research Center of Excellence leverages data collected via the MAS and MILCON programs to conduct coordinated research projects for stakeholders to improve the lives of the military-connected community.

Employer Education

Our program helps employers go beyond being friendly towards the military-connected community. We teach them how to become military-ready through a proprietary four-phase consultancy and engagement program.

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