Employer education

Our Military Advisory Services (MAS) program helps employers go a step beyond
“military-friendly” to become truly military-ready.


What is military advisory serviceS?

Our Military Advisory Services program helps organizations become military-ready through a proprietary four-phase consultancy and engagement program. 

Our team will assess where your organization is today in order to design and implement transformative initiatives that help you find, hire, integrate, and support military-connected talent.


your military readiness journey.

Over the course of Military Advisory Services, your organization will:

  • Tap into industry-leading military leadership, who will develop a unique military-readiness strategy that aligns with your corporate objectives.


  • Gain strong relationships with Veteran Service Organizations and trusted sources, established for your organization by the Military Connected team.


  • Gain access to the Military Connected Hiring Platform, an industry-defining platform specifically designed for onboarding military talent.


  • Undergo in-depth messaging training to modernize your marketing, PR, and HR teams’ communications with the military connected community.
Take the first step in your organization’s journey towards true military-readiness today.

The challenge we face.

The military-connected talent pools comprise over nine million people; however, talent and hiring managers often lack the tools and support to place them into sustainable careers.

When they seek help, they either drown in a sea of goodwill, or fail to find customized support from other nonprofits. This has led to high turnover and underemployment in the military-connected community.

Underemployment and turnover disproportionately affects veterans and military spouses.

  • 42 percent of veterans leave their first civilian job in one year; 80 percent leave in two.
  • 70% of veterans take a step back in their first civilian job, compared to the role they held in the military.
  • Veterans are 16 percent more likely to be underemployed than their peers.
  • 1 in 4 military spouses face unemployment, and 63% of those that are employed face underemployment.

These gaps open up an opportunity for new solutions.
We’re ready to provide them.

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