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Why MIlitary Advisory Services

Our members are highly valued by employers who recognize their leadership and team-building skills, attention to detail, and commitment to fulfilling a mission. While hiring initiatives have helped turn the corner on veteran unemployment, the real challenge is ensuring that every member of the military-connected community is able to realize their full potential in the civilian workforce. We’ve solved how to get them into a job, but not how to keep them.


About MAS

Our Military Advisory Services program helps employers go beyond being friendly towards the military-connected community. We teach you how to become military-ready through a proprietary four-phase consultancy and engagement program. 

We work with employers to assess, design, and implement transformative initiatives that help them find, hire, integrate, and support military-connected talent.


Why You Should Participate

The military-connected talent pools comprise over nine million people; however, talent and hiring managers often lack the tools and support to place them into sustainable careers. When they seek help, they either drown in a sea of goodwill, or fail to find customized support from other nonprofits. This has led to high turnover and underemployment in the military-connected community.

Support for Hiring Managers

 MilitaryConnected.org is the first nonprofit to offer data-driven organizational assessments and customized programs to help talent and hiring managers, and company leaders, better attract and keep their military-connected employees.


Help Address High Turnover & Underemployment

Underemployment and turnover disproportionately affects veterans.

Veterans are 70 percent more likely to step-back in seniority in their first civilian job compared to the roles they held in the military and are nearly 16 percent more likely to be underemployed than their peers; 42 percent of veterans leave their first civilian job in one year; 80 percent leave in two, which is 10 percent higher than their peers.

These gaps open up an opportunity for new solutions. We’re ready to provide them.


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While veterans entering the civilian workforce have little trouble finding jobs, the challenge is finding employment they find meaningful, reflects their skills and abilities, and leads to lasting careers. Contact us today to be part of the solution!

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