Data-driven research

The Data and Research Center of Excellence (DARCOE) conducts industry-defining research into military employment, the veteran transition, and more – arming stakeholders with the actionable insights they need to help military talent achieve their full potential.

bridging the knowledge gap facing talent acquisition

Despite well-intentioned efforts to be “military friendly”, organizations today are realizing that they are not yet truly military-ready.
This can largely be attributed to HR and Talent Acquisition leaders lacking proper insight into the challenges facing:
  • Transitioning veterans.
  • Military spouses and families.
  • ¬†Veterans in their civilian careers.

DARCOE is closing this knowledge gap.

The focus of our research:

We explore emerging topics or needs that are relevant for the military-connected community to address gaps or challenges not adequately covered by existing research and products, as well as anticipate their future needs and opportunities.

Potential areas of research we intend to explore are mental health and well-being, transition and reintegration, employment and education, diversity and inclusion, technology and innovation.

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keeping your organization in the know.

We leverage data collected via the MAS and MILCON programs to conduct coordinated research projects for stakeholders to improve the lives of the military-connected community.

Organizations working with Military Connected will be provided access to this research, in order to ensure their teams are up-to-date on how to best onboard, engage, and retain military talent.

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