Data-Driven Research

Data and Research Center of Excellence


Stakeholders lack actionable insight on best practices for how to bring the military’s (America’s largest educator) education and leadership development outcomes back into the economy. DARCOE will change that.


Leveraging Data

We leverage data collected via the MAS and MILCON programs to conduct coordinated research projects for stakeholders to improve the lives of the military-connected community.


We explore emerging topics or needs that are relevant for the military-connected community to address gaps or challenges not adequately covered by existing research and products, as well as anticipate their future needs or opportunities. Potential areas of research we intend to explore are mental health and well-being, transition and reintegration, employment and education, diversity and inclusion, technology and innovation.


Actionable Insights

We provide the military-connected community with relevant, actionable insights that will lead to constant improvement for our members and employers alike.

Let’s Work Together!

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